L WYNNE AW14 was a limited edition, 15-piece, collection of luxury ladieswear, cut and crafted in my small Dublin studio, featuring cashmere felt, crisp cotton, and handpicked Japanese silks upcycled from vintage obi and kimono. It featured in Dublin Fashion Festival 2014, on TV3's Expose, and was sold in Design Centre, Dublin.

Box Shirt Dress F.jpg
Obi Miniskirt F.jpg
Eri Set (2) F.jpg
Juban F.jpg
Cape F.jpg
L WYNNE 10x10 sq.jpg
Haori Jacket Detail1.jpg
Bodice Black FF.jpg
Eri Set (3) F.jpg
Box Shirt Mesh F.jpg
Bodice Red FF.jpg
Box Shirt F.jpg
Tanmono Blouse Detail.jpg
Tanmono Blouse F.jpg
Obi Trousers F.jpg
Haori Jacket F.jpg
Eri Set (2) F.jpg
Cape Detail3.jpg
Juban Detail2.jpg